Ozone is the perfect water and stock treatment solution for both small and large farms

  1. SAFE WATER SUPPLY - a clean water supply is vital for any farming operation. Therefore an ozone water treatment system is perfect for the farm as it is self contained, chemical free, and inexpensive to run. Organic farmers in particular will appreciate the pure and clean benefits of ozonated water.
  2. MULTI PURPOSE - one ozone system on the farm can be applied in multiple areas including water disinfection, removal of iron and manganese, suppress mastitis causing bacteria, treat hooves, lameness, and sanitise surfaces.
  3. WATER SANITISATION - ozone is a very effective oxidiser and has been used to sanitise water supplies worldwide since 1906. It offers the most effective method of purification without using large quantities of dangerous chemicals such as chlorine and hydrogen peroxide.
  4. INCREASED MILK PRODUCTION - the quality of a farms water supply makes a big difference to cow milk production and health. If the water is tasty the cow will drink and eat more and therefore be able to produce more milk with increased milk solids as reported in the Dairy Exporter, January 1994.
  5. IRON & MANGANESE REMOVAL - iron and manganese in a water supply can affect the taste and colour of the water. Ozone can precipitate iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulphide so that these dissolved contaminates can be easily filtered out of the water. These compounds can be quite high in some parts of New Zealand and can make the water unpalatable to both stock and humans.
  6. TEAT WASH - ozonated water is a powerful sanitisier and an effective way of cleaning teatsprior to milking. It reduces illness and mastitis and does not irritate the teat. Ozone is not harsh and even improves the health of the cows skin. Bacteria in the milker is reduced thereby decreasing cross contamination and the potential of teat disease on each and every cow.
  7. HOOF BATHS - hairy heel wart is a painful condition that can affect the mobility of stock. The bacteria that cause it thrive in the often wet farmlands throughout New Zealand. Ozonated hoof baths kill these bacteria and prevent common hoof diseases from starting in the first place. This saves on expensive topical antiseptic therapy and improves the health of stock.

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