Spray deodourisers use perfumes and fragrances to simply mask odours with another odour - they do not remove the cause of the odour


Odour Boy

This entry level unit is an economical product ideally suited to provide continuous ozonation to provide fresh air, remove pet smells, body, and cigarette odours

It can be permanently used in homes, offices, reception areas, doctors waiting rooms, changing rooms, etc

This dual sanitisation unit provides both low intensity ozone and anions ( negative ions )


Odour Mate

Available in two different models - 310 & 320 - it is ideal for such applications as :

- car grooming
- carpet cleaning
- laundry
- paint odour removal
- cigarette smells
- cooking smells
- to freshen up motel / hotel rooms
- prevent mould growth


Odour Buster

For the most challenging deodourising tasks, our heavy duty commercial grade units are suitable for :

- fire restoration
- restaurant kitchen exhausts
- removal of chemical residues
- ethylene removal

The unit can be connected to a fixed or flexible hose to direct the ozone where ever it is required

As ozone is heavier than air, it can also be used to keep away birds and other flying insects


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