As people realise the importance of conserving water they are installing rain water collection tanks But not all rain water is the same

Ozone purifies water much more effectively than chlorine or UV, removes any odour, and increases the dissolved oxygen to improve taste


TD Series Ozonators

The NOVOZONE TD series of rain water tank ozonators are "plug & play"solutions that require no plumbing and can be easily installed by the owner.

The machine produces ozone under pressure which is bubbled in to the water

Simply mount the ozonator near a power output out of the weather. Lower the ozone diffuser in to the tank and connect the ozone delivery hose

  1. RAIN WATER - rain water has long been viewed as a safe and reliable source of domestic water. But rain water is often exposed to many pollutants. National studies have shown that the microbiological quality of roof collected water is quite poor. More than 90% of samples taken in a Ministry of Health study failed to meet the national drinking water standards
  2. PATHOGENS - the pathogens found included E.coli, cryptosporidium, giardia, salmonella, and campylobacter which cause gasterointestinal illnesses. The likely sources of these pathogens are faecal deposits from birds, possums, and rodents as well as dead animals and insects
  3. SICKNESS - the people most at risk of getting sick are children, the elderly, and visitors. Fortunately sickness from these containments can be avoided with treatment of the water with ozone
  4. OZONE KILLS MICRO ORGANISMS - ozone is a strong oxidiser and destroys micro-organism cells on contact. The cell walls simply rupture. Ozone is much more potent than UV treatment which merely prevents micro-organisms from multiplying. Ozone is chemical free and does not leave an after taste like chlorine
  5. OZONE DESTROYS ODOURS - tank water can often have unpleasant tastes and odours. This is often caused by contamination from decomposing birds or animals and other organic matter. Even smoke from the fireplace can cause tank water to taste odd. During times with little rain, high temperatures can cause tank water to taste unpleasant to even the "long term" rain water drinker. Ozone rapidly breaks down the organic molecules which cause the tank water to taste stale
  6. GREAT TASTING WATER - ozone products no harmful byproducts. Unused ozone simply reverts back to oxygen and raises the level of dissolved oxygen in the water. This makes the water healthy, sparkling, and tasty

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