Ozone is used to disinfect bottled water all over the world

  1. PROCESS - ozone simultaneously disinfects the water, bottling equipment, the air above the water, and the sealed cap of the bottle. This gives consumers a fresh, clean, and pure product which they have come to expect
  2. WATER - the disinfection treats the water against bacteria, viruses, and parasites such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Ozone is highly effective against these and other micro-organisms
  3. TASTE & ODOUR - ozone is a powerful oxidising agent and is very effective against essentially all taste and odour causing organic materials and oxidisable inorganics such as iron, manganese, and sulphide ions.
  4. RESIDUES - unlike chemicals such as chlorine, ozone does not leave any unpleasant after taste and breaks down in to oxygen leaving no chemical residue behind
  5. ICE - ozone infused water has also shown benefits in the food services industry. Seafood, meat, and produce processors can utilise ozone infused water in ice manufacture to ensure no bacteria or other pathogens are transferred to the product

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