Ozone, the best way to remove cat & dog odours

Highly effective sanitizing power
No harmful chemicals
Works on different fabrics without any stains
No scent
Kills common pathogens such as E.coli and Salmonella
Ingredients: oxygen

Rid odour from carpets naturally

Most spray deodorizers mask odours with fragrances or a stronger odour. This does nothing for fixing what is really causing the problem. They also often contain harmful chemicals that are highly toxic and are bad for your health.

Carpets absorb odours easily from your beloved cats or dogs presence. Ozone is a natural and highly effective deodorizer that uses activated oxygen to loosen the toughest odours fast-leaving you with fresh and clean carpets.

Remove urine odour

Cat and dog urine is unhealthy if not properly cleaned and removed. Ammonia, mercaptans, amines and skittle gas cause problems for humans and animals alike. Such as respiratory tract damage, pneumonia, reduced weight gains and excessive stress on pets.

Soapy water, vinegar with baking soda are common solutions but they don’t break down the odour causing substance to remove urine odour or disinfect your home. Ozone kills bacteria such as E.coli and Salmonella to sanitize your home and remove odours at the source.

Neutralize odour from furniture

Ozone is a very effective sanitizer which kills all bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi. Only a small amount of ozone is required to clean bad air.

Ozone naturally reverts back to oxygen without leaving any harmful chemical residues. It only leaves behind pure, fresh and healthy air.

Ozone destroys the odour by oxidizing the odour-causing substance.

Cat and Dog odour

Save yourself the fuss, effort and hassle of keeping your home smelling fresh and clean.

Choose your ozonator to use oxygen to sanitize from urine, keep your carpets fresh and ensure a healthy environment for your family.

Treat odours at the source and get your Ozonator today!
Trust the experts. At Novozone we have over 15 years of experience with ozone.

"When I have guests over I am always conscious of the smells that my beloved dogs leave. Often they mess on the carpet and carpet cleaners are not effective in getting rid of all the germs without ruining the wool. They mostly seem to replace the smell with another fragrance. I am really happy with ozone and it is well worth the investment. I turn the machine on once a week for half an hour to remove unwanted smells that accumulate.
It runs on a little electricity and free oxygen in the air and is environmentally friendly."

Kate Stephens

Choose your portable ozonator

Light *


The Odour Boy is a low-cost fashionable product ideally suited to provide continuous ozonation to remove low intensity cat and dog odours and provide fresh air in the home.

It can be safely permanently used in your home, offices, doctors’ waiting rooms, change rooms etc.

This unit produces low-intensity ozone and anions. Anions are negative ions which reduce dust and improve health.

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Medium **


The Odour Mate is a portable ozonator suitable for moderate odours from cats and dogs.

The machine effectively removes cat and dog odours in the home, cars, camper vans, hotel and motel rooms.

Rental and real estate agents use the machine to remove pet odours, cigarette and cooking smells.

We have a few of these machine in our hire-pool. Contact us for our rental rates

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Strong ***


The Odour Buster is for high intensity odours and carpet cleaning. This machine produces higher ozone concentration so tasks take less time to complete.

The machine is aimed at the professional operator in removing cat and dog odours in car upholstery, carpets and bedrooms.

This product is designed to remain in the treatment area and be exposed to higher ozone concentrations

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Heavy Duty ****

The Odour Blaster produces the highest amount of ozone in our range of portable ozonators.

This heavy-duty commercial grade machine is capable for the most challenging deodourizing tasks.

A 100mm outlet fitting connects to a flexible duct to direct the ozone into an exhaust vent or into a roof cavity or any remote treatment space. This prevents the operator to be exposed to excess ozone.

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