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The food industry is particularly suited to using ozone sanitation technology. Ozone is used to sanitize food, food surfaces, factory spaces and storage facilities without leaving behind any chemical byproducts. After it’s used, ozone quickly breaks down into oxygen which is re-absorbed into the atmosphere.
Chemical-based sanitation techniques can leave a residue which is not optimal in food processing.

Improves food quality, extends shelf life

Reduces sanitation costs

FDA, USDA-Organic approved as safe and effective

Post harvest washing

Ozonated water is perfect for washing fruits and vegetables once they are harvested. Ozone sanitises the food product and eliminates the risk of microbiological contamination.

Delicate fruits in particular will benefit from ozone sanitation because it does not require the vigorous washing associated with other methods..

Food processors rely on ozonation which has been proven as a safe, cost-effective method of killing micro-organisms.

Ozones sanitation efficacy surpasses many chemical alternatives. It is a powerful oxidiser and a potent germicide.

Around the world regulators are calling for the use of chlorine to be phased out as a sanitiser. Chlorine is classed as an extremely hazardous substance and leaves behind harmful chemical byproducts when used in purifying water.

Ozone occurs naturally in the atmosphere and leaves behind no chemical byproduct or residual taste. Ozone destroys microbial contaminants quickly and efficiently before reverting back to oxygen.

Novozone supplies off-the-shelf customised ozone sanitation systems for food production and processing operations. Ozonators improve food safety, reduce sanitation costs and meet regulatory standards.


Cold storage

It has been scientifically proven that ozone removes the ethylene which is produced during the ripening process.


This extends the storage and shelf life of fruits and vegetables.


Wine barrel sanitation

Ozone significantly reduces Salmonella, Listeria, Brettanomyces and other unwanted organisms populations. It enables you to maintain the ‘correct barrel health’ without compromising the essence of the wood.

Our self-contained mobile ozone sanitation systems provides ozone-enriched cold water on demand for surface sanitation and direct food contact applications. It reduces manpower needed to clean and sterilise barrels and hot water consumption costs.

Ozone is a far more effective sanitizer than chlorine, is not toxic and does not produce carcinogenic byproducts. Any excess ozone reverts back to oxygen.

Factory Air Handling

Gaseous ozone effectively sanitises the air in factory processing areas.


Surface sanitation

Ozonated water is used to sanitise both food-contact and non-food contact surfaces. Ozone reduces the amount of fat, oil and grease. It kills microorganisms and removes biofilm build-up on all surfaces, including floor drains.

Aqueous ozone is also used as a sterilising spray on food processing machinery, conveyor belts and floors.

Ozone has proved to be a highly effective antimicrobial agent and is used worldwide. It kills bacterial and viral pathogens, mould and yeast species that can rapidly destroy food products.

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