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The horticulture industry demands large amounts of high-quality water. Droughts and an increasing demand for water means that every drop is valuable. As more water is being recycled, concerns are growing about disease, chemical contamination, water discharge and nutrients leaching into groundwater. Ozone alleviates all these concerns..

Provide a barrier to prevent plant disease

Sanitize recycled water

Increase crop yields

An ecotech solution

Ozone has been used for water sterilisation for nearly 100 years. The horticulture industry is now realising the benefits of ozone.


Growers are relying on ozone treatment to disinfect water whether it’s recycled or fresh. Stringent policies on discharged water have led growers to seek out modern treatment alternatives. More plant pathogens are developing resistance to many traditional fungicides. Growers are also seeing undesirable side effects on their plants from the application of chemicals..

Ozone is a powerful oxidiser which destroys fungi, pathogenic bacteria and viruses which cause waterborne diseases. It is a much stronger disinfectant than chlorine and other chemical based alternatives.

Unlike chlorine, ozone is non-toxic and produces no disinfection byproducts (DBP’s). Once dissolved in water, ozone destroys pathogens and then safely reverts back into oxygen.

After being dissolved in the water it destroys pathogens before reverting back to oxygen.

Novozone uses modern advanced ozone technology. With 15+ years’ experience in ozone applications, we look forward to working with you. We take the time to understand your requirements and engineer a solution for you!


Ozone efficacy

Pathogen control

Farmers have had to use biocides and other disinfecting agents such as chlorine, peroxides and ultraviolet light to keep pathogens under control.

Chlorination is an effective method of combating pathogens but its residual effects can harm plant life. Concerns over DBP’s have generated strong interest in ozone.

Ultraviolet light systems kill bacteria in the immediate vicinity but have no effect on pathogens further downstream.

A strong dose of ozone has residual effects in irrigation water and in hydroponics. Studies have shown that ozone significantly reduces pathogens in these systems.

Root damage

Ozone breaks down into oxygen creating increased root-zone oxygen content and improved plant growth. Tests have shown that ozone does not damage plant root systems or foliage even in concentrations as high as 1.5 parts per million.

Foliage damage

Ozone AndFoilage

Since gaseous ozone can damage plant leaves, Novozone has assisted kiwifruit growers to apply ozonized water through overhead sprayers. This is a highly effective means of preventing pseudomonas bacteria (PSA) to infect the vines.


Ozone is safe for plant nutrients. Tests show that ozone does not affect phosphorus or potassium levels. Ozone’s powerful oxidising action can cause iron to precipitate out of a solution when ozone is present in very high levels.

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Ozone and plant health

Ozone dissolves 12 times more easily in water than oxygen. Aqueous ozone breaks down into oxygen and boosts the level of oxygen in the water.

This oxygen enriched water feeds the plant’s root development which improves plant health and growth. Beneficial aerobic bacteria also thrive in this oxygen rich environment.

The increase in oxygen means that many diseased plants are quick to recover. Pathogens are also less likely to take hold of healthy plants.



"I grow over 75,000 lettuces using the nutrient film technique (NFT). I had severe pythium root rot and phytophthora mould problems and tried almost every chemical I could lay my hands on. The diseases just kept coming back.

A local grower advised me to contact Novozone. We tried one ozonator on the nutrient tank and after the second day we saw the quality improving. The plants started to grow strong healthy white roots. Unbelievable!

We have now installed Novozone ozonators on all our beds. We use less chemicals and my bottom line has improved dramatically! You have to look really hard to find one diseased plant. I would highly recommend the Novozone equipment to anyone with disease problems similar to ours."

- Mr. Sing, Pukekohe, New Zealand

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Novozone uses modern advanced ozone technology. With 15+ years’ experience in ozone applications, we look forward to working with you. We take the time to understand your requirements and engineer a solution for you!

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