Eliminates Odours

Common spray deodorisers use perfumes and fragrances to simply mask odours with another odour. They don’t remove the cause of the odour.

These sprays are only cover-ups and usually contain harsh and unsafe chemicals.

High in the mountains people notice that the air is clean and refreshing. This is the smell of ozone.

It’s a natural sanitiser which is created in small amounts when the sun’s rays hit oxygen molecules in the atmosphere.

Only a small amount of ozone is required to improve bad air.

Kills bacteria and viruses

Ozone is a strong natural organic disinfectant which kills all bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi.

This table shows how effective it sterilizes 99.99% of some bacteria.

Bacteria Ozone concentration Duration
Staphylococcus 0.3 ppm 0.5 min
E.Coli 0.5 ppm 5.0 min
Aspergillus 1.5 ppm 1.0 min
Yeast 1.5 ppm 1.0 min

Prevents mold

Low ozone concentrations can be very effective in preventing mould developing.
This is succesfully used in the damp and cool spaces in the cheese making industry. Ozone is also an excellent post treatment product after a mould remediation job.

Killing mould requires a high ozone concentration. The treatment area should be vacated to prevent any unpleasant side effects when humans are exposed to the ozone.

Our high output ozone generators have a flexible duct fitting to feed the ozone into those spaces and remote from people.

Novozone stock a wide range of ozonators

which effectively eliminate odours caused by:

cigarettes, cooking smells, pet urine,

sour milk, spoilt food, fish, fire, mould, sweat...

Vehicles and Boats
Homes, Hotels, Motels, Restaurants
Change rooms, Health Clubs
Cheese making
Fire and Flood restoration
Nursing homes, Pet care facilities

"I am thrilled with my odourBoy purchase. I purchased the odourboy because I live in an appartment that is not well ventilated so any cooking smells stay in living areas. The odourBoy eliminates these smells within 30 nimutes and keeps the air smelling clean and fresh. The real plus about the odourBoy is is that it doesn't use any harsh or irritating chemicals. It is 100% natural so I don't have to worry about breathing in toxic chemicals. I can't believe I've lived so long without one!"

Claudia Hobbs

Choose your odour removers strenght

Light *


The Odour Boy is a low-cost fashionable product ideally suited to provide continuous ozonation to provide fresh air, remove pet smells, body and cigarette odours.

It can be permanently used in homes, offices, doctors’ waiting rooms, change rooms etc.

This dual sanitation unit produces both low-intensity ozone and anions. Anions are negative ions which reduce dust and improve health.

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Medium **


The Odour Mate310 is a portable ozonator suitable for light odour removal and mould prevention tasks.

The machine effectively removes cigarette odours in cars and camper vans.

Rental and real estate agents use the machine to remove cigarette and cooking smells.

Hotel and Motel staff freshen up a room with the machine.

Is used by cheese makers to effectively prevent mould growth in the cheese making process

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Strong ***


The Odour Mate320 produces a lot more ozone and is recommended where larger area's must be treated or where quicker results are required.

The machine is aimed at the commercial operator in applications such as car grooming, carpet cleaning, paint odour removal etc.

This product is designed to remain in the treatment area and be exposed to high ozone concentrations

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Heavy Duty ****

The QLC-40 and 60 produce the highest amount of ozone in our range of air-ozonators.

It is a heavy-duty commercial grade machine capable for the most challenging deodourizing tasks.

Typical applications include fire restoration, elimination of restaurant kitchen exhaust smells, removal or oxidation of chemical residuals.

A 100mm outlet fitting can connect to a flexible hose to direct the ozone into an exhaust vent or into a roof cavity or any remote treatment space. This prevents the operator to be exposed to excess ozone.

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