The Ozone Tap produces antibacterial water using ozone technology

Kills common food pathogens such as E.coli and Salmonella
Removes pesticides
Removes odours
Quick and easy to install

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Create a safe and healthy environment for your family without using hazardous chemicals with the Ozone Tap.

Kills 99% of common pathogens in kitchens
Remove pesticdes from food
Longer lasting fruit and vegetables
Keeps seafood and poultry fresh
Removes odours
Keeps surfaces, sponges and brushes germ free
Clean clothes in ozonized water

Kills common food pathogens

Ozone eliminates E.coli approximately 3000 times faster than chlorine and eradicates all known bacteria and microorganisms.

The FDA has approved ozone as a safe and natural sanitiser. Cleaning your hands, sponges, surfaces and floor with antibacterial water is more effective than antibacterial chemical solutions.

Detoxify your environment

Protecting your environment from harmful chemicals is not easy. Ozone is an oxidizer, it can quickly destroy the chemical make-up of pesticides found on the surface of fruits and vegetables.

Removing toxins from your environment is easy with your ozone tap, it removes over 75% of pesticides in 10 seconds.

Quick and easy to install

The Ozone Tap is available as stand alone multi-function mixer or as an external model which easily installs on your home tap.

The stand alone ozone taps have a built-in ozone injection system to mix the ozone with water can be easily installed by yourself or by a plumber.

Carmen Hobbs

"It is important to me to optimise my own and my family’s health, in that the food that we eat has all the pesticides, all the harmful bacteria and viruses washed off and destroyed.

I sanitise my kitchen bench tops, appliances and chopping boards after use (especially raw chicken that has harmful bacteria that can make you very ill) in ozonated water with a little bit of normal washing up liquid"


Discover the amazing benefits of anti-bacterial tap water

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Y-Shaped Tap

Y-shaped faucet

The Y-Shaped Tap is our most popular ozone tap. No kitchen is complete without this tap that provides continuous antibacterial water when you turn it on.
Easily create a safe and healthy environment that does not need harmful sanitizing chemicals.

Includes LED indicator and ozone switch, dimensions 365mm H x 200mm W.

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Buy Y-Shaped Tap $795.00 + GST

Pulldown Tap

Pulldown Faucet

The Pulldown Tapwill fit in perfectly in any kitchen. Whether that is in your home or for commercial purposes.
Powerful disinfecting ozone capabilities are yours to stop the spread of bacteria and viruses and remove harmful pesticides from food.

Stainless steel finish, auto retract of pull down spray, dimensions 530mm H x 260mm W.

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Buy Pulldown Tap $895.00 + GST

External Tap

External Faucet

Fresh, safe antibacterial water on demand is available with the External Tap.

This model uses a faucet adaptor which screws on existing tap and installs easily.

Please enquire about the high output commercial version.

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Buy External Tap $495.00 + GST

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