Y-Shaped Ozone Faucet

by Kate Stevens

Ozone faucet y shaped

Antibacterial water is produced the second you turn your ozone faucet on. It works to turn everyday oxygen into ozone that destroys the cell membrane of bacteria and viruses in 10 seconds and then reverts back into oxygen in another 10 seconds.


-Produces ozonized water from the faucet on demand

-Kills 99% of bacteria with a 10 second wash

-Ozonized water will keep your food longer fresh as surface bacteria are killed

-Pesticides on food are neutralized

-Removes odours

-Disinfects kitchen equipment

-Easy to install

The ozone difference

Research shows that alternatives to disinfecting water for personal use are toxic to humans. These alternatives are chlorine and antibacterial soap.

While they have different uses they are both used to kill bacteria, prevent disease from spreading and keep your environment clean. Drinking tap water is essentially drinking water with bleach. It is no surprise that chlorinated water causes increases in colon and bladder cancer as well as destroying good bacteria in your gut, which is essential in maintaining your immunity against bacteria and viruses.

Antibacterial soap is no different. The main ingredient triclosan is ineffective in disrupting the fatty acid that bacteria use to spread and have side effects of disrupting hormones, causing allergies and antibiotic resistance.

These cheap alternatives are harmful to the environment while ozone in complete contrast is safe, healthy and turns back into oxygen in 20 seconds.

10 second ozone faucet test show a 99% reduction rate in bacteria:

-Escherichia coli 99.9995%

-Salmonella thyphimurium 99.9982%

-Staphylococcus aureus 99.9985%

-Klebsiella pheumoniae 99.82%

-Acinetobacter baumannii 99.97%

-Pseudomonas aeruginosa99.99%

-Candida albicans 99.99%

Source: Cashido Product Brochure

Environmentally friendly

There are no harmful chemical by products and improves the taste of your water. Ozone oxidises chemicals like chlorine to limit their effects. It is safe, healthy and completely natural. You will have smelt ozone after a lightening storm when the air is crisp and fresh.

The 10 Second Machine meets the USA FDA’s ozone spillover density standards.

The ozone density in an enclosed room may not exceed 0.05 pm. After 10 minutes of continuous use, the 10 Second Machine’s ozone spillover density is below 0.01 ppm. The 10 Second Machine’s ozone spillover density has been tested by SGS, the world’s largest accreditation facility.

How to use ozone

The uses for the ozone faucet are limitless. Food preparation is the main use to remove pesticides and bacteria from vegetables, meats and seafood so it it is safe and lasts longer. Use it at home to wash dishes, clean bathrooms, mop the floor and wash clothes. Hard to reach places can be disinfected by putting fresh ozone water in a spray can, but remember to replace too his every 30 seconds as it will become oxygen again. It is extremely effective and completely natural after all. Cleaning pets, brushing teeth, washing your face and feet are also popular uses.

Faucet and ozone kit contains

-Ozone faucet stainless steel finish, LED indicator, ozone switch, dimensions 365mm H x 200mm

-Water-resistant shell

-Universal power adapter

-Auto-on design turns on when you need it, turns off when you don’t

Download installation manual

Investing in an ozone faucet quickly pays for itself: You will have lower electricity bills from not using hot water to clean, as it needs to be above 60°C to be generally effective. Spending on many household cleaners like antibacterial soap or floor disinfectants are no longer needed. Buying bottled water can be replaced in most counties with ozonated water. The use of expensive water filters to de-chlorinate water is reduced. Your fresh produce lasts longer as you kill the bacteria by soaking in ozone water for 20 seconds that would otherwise cause bacteria and mould to grow.

The 10 Second Machine installs in minutes.

Water-resistant shell with a color design in white.

Only produce ozone when water is tapped with the connected faucet.
Auto cut-off when tapping water for 10 minutes continously, with a capacity Ozone production per hour of 100mg.

Enquire about the commercial faucet that is available.


Extended hours of continuous operation. Three different ozone level

  • 100mg/hr
  • 150mg/hr
  • 200mg/hr

Save Power, Save Water, Save Sanitizer, Save Time A 10 second rinse can kill over 99% of bacteria and 80% of pesticides on the surfaces of vegetables and fruits. Reduce the use of chemical sanitizers, save water and use less time.

Tips to make safe ozone drinking water

- Turn on the ozone generator (or use the ozone switch on the faucet)

- Let a cup full of ozonized water sit at room temperature for 30 minutes, drink the water after the ozone dissipates

- Boil the water to remove the ozone (great for making tea and coffee)

- Use the 10 Second Purifier’s filtered drinking water

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