How ozone can reduce chlorine in your pool

by Hans Holtz

Ozone pool water

Water that smells like water, odourless. Not many are aware that pool water doesn't have to be heavily dosed with toxic chemicals like chlorine. Fresh healthy and natural water is very much a reality with ozone. Those who are sensitive to chemicals will enjoy an ozone pool so much more because it reduces harsh chemical use and operating cost.

Used in conjunction with traditional pool chemical treatments, ozonators provide a natural water treatment system that can effectively enhance the performance of the chemicals, while at the same time remove the unpleasant side effects which often take much of the pleasure out of using pools and spas. A properly installed ozone system will eliminate chemical smells, provide cleaner safer water, and at the same time noticeably reduce the chemical consumption of the pool. Ozone will enhance your pool or spa water, making it safer, easier to maintain, and a pleasure to use.

Chlorine: the good and the bad

Chlorine is the most universally used chemical in swimming pools and weather we like it or not it is likely to be around for some time yet.

Chlorine is both a good sanitizer, and a powerful oxidizer, but these processes can unfortunately produce by-products that are unhealthy, unpleasant, and for these reasons, unpopular. Some of these unwanted by-products can be reduced by using Bromine, but not completely.

The contaminants that are found in pools can generally be classified as Organic, Inorganic, or Microbiological. Organic contaminants are recognized as body wastes such as perspiration, body oil, urine or nasal secretions, sunscreen creams etc, or introduced organic debris. When chlorine oxidises organic contaminants, chlorinated organics (THM’s) can be produced. Some of these are known carcinogens, and therefore most undesirable. Oxidation of nitrogenous waste matter (body wastes, sweat etc) can cause the formation of Chloramines. These are the products that cause the familiar “swimming pool smell” and are the source of the unpleasant chemical side effects such as stinging eyes, ear and skin irritations, among others.

Considering that the human body can absorb half a litre of pool water every hour, you would want to swim in safe, chemical free water. The “good news” is that these unwelcome by-products can be controlled with the correct use of Ozone in your pool or spa.

Ozone: the natural alternative

This is because Ozone is a much more powerful oxidizer than Chlorine, and much faster acting (about 3000 times faster). If used in conjunction with these chemicals, Ozone is able to oxidize these contaminants harmlessly before the chlorine is able to do so, thus purifying your pool or spa water to mountain-spring quality, while still preventing unwanted effects of chlorine oxidations. Ozone should therefore be employed as the primary oxidizer and another chemical, such as Chlorine or Bromine, used as a back-up “residual” sanitizer. The difference now is that the chemicals are added to already oxidized water, so that Chloramines are prevented from forming in the first place.

Ozone with other sanitation systems

An ozone system works very well in synergy with salt water chlorinators, copper-silver ionisers and UV systems. These 'dual sanitation' systems offer much better water quality due to the strong oxidizer contribution from the ozone.

The ozone equipment

Novozone manufactures a wide range of ozonators for spa pools, swim spa’s, domestic and commercial swimming pools. Learn more.

The installation

An ozone system is easily installed or retrofitted by your pool builder or service person. The ozonator is fixed on a wall near the rest of the pool equipment and a venturi injector is installed in the pool return line. Whenever the pool pump is running ozone is drawn into the water where it oxidizes any contaminants in the water.

Novozone offers high quality ozone equipment for your pool with healthy benefits. Find out more about which solution will work of you or give us a call, we are here to help.

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