Why Ozone is Best for Water Bottlers

by Hans Holtz

Ozone Water Bottlers

Novozone has for 20 years supplied many cost effective ozonation systems to the ‘smaller’ water bottlers to produce odour-free bottled water with a true, natural water taste and long storage stability.

Ozonation is the most frequently used disinfection process in the water bottling industry since it was GRAS approved for bottled water by the FDA in 1982.

It effectively disinfects the water and prevents pathogen contamination introduced from the bottling equipment, bottles, bags or bottle sealing caps.

It leaves no disinfection by-products and does not alter the taste of the water.

The implementation of a bottled water ozonation system requires detailed knowledge of the source water quality and precise control of the ozone dosing levels.

Special attention to the ozonation system design must be given if bromine-bromate creation is an issue.

Recently Novozone was appointed agents of the Wassertec Bottled Water Ozonation system. We are now able to offer a 'Coca-Cola specification' solution to the larger volume bottlers in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

Contact us now for our assistance to implement ozonation in your bottling process.

Example of a recent 'small bottling' installation

Dissolved ozone monitor/controller and sensor flow cell:

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