Learn about a chlorine assisted ozone swimming pool installation

by Hans Holtz

Healthy pool water

Many swimming pool owners are concerned about their health by swimming in a "chemical" pool. Chlorine is the most universally used chemical in swimming pools but it can produce unhealthy and unpleasant by-products.

Chlorine is usually introduced into the pool in liquid form, in tablet form or with a salt water chlorinator. Ozone makes an excellent partner for chlorine including salt water systems.

Chlorine assisted ozone pool

Because ozone is a much more powerful oxidiser than chlorine, a properly sized ozone system will significantly reduce the amount of chlorine chemicals you use. The result of the "chlorine assisted ozone pool" is that chloramines are prevented from forming and your swimming pool doesn’t smell like a "chlorine pool".

The chlorine assisted ozone pool will offer these benefits:

  • Eliminates the “swimming pool” chlorine smell
  • No eye and skin irritations
  • Less chemicals required, cheaper to run
  • Kinder to bathers and pool equipment
  • Healthier to swim in
  • Exceptional water quality

Do I still have to use chlorine?

Ozone improves the pool by minimising the use of chemicals. With the ozone pool you can use a significant lower level ( 0.2 to 0.4 ppm) of chlorine. The result is that the pool water is far nicer to swim in. The family will appreciate using the pool and not suffering from eye and skin irritations that come from a heavily chlorinated pool.

P32 Pool Ozonator Kit installation

Novozone has over 15 years of experience in working with ozone pools. Our novoSWIM P32 Pool Kit offers a new generation of affordable, high output, low maintenance swimming pool ozonators.

The P32 Kit is easily installed by your pool builder or pool service person. The ozone generator is fixed on a wall near the rest of the pool equipment. The kit includes a venturi injector which introduces the ozone into the water. This injector is glued in the pool return line. The ozone delivery hose connects to the injector as per the picture below. When the pool pump is running, ozone is drawn into the water where it quicky oxidises any contaminants in the water.

Contact Novozone for further details.

Advanced ozone system installation

For the larger swimming pools (and commercial installations) improved results can be obtained with a different configuration as the picture below illustrates.

Here a separate (small) circulating pump is used outside the filter pump line to provide continuous ozonation. An optional mixing tank provides improved transfer of the ozone into the water.

Contact Novozone for further details.

Novozone has over 15 years of experience in working with ozone pools and can advise you on the right ozone generator for your pool. Contact us today, we are here to help.

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