Silver Ionization in the Bottling Process

by Hans Holtz

Ionizer Flow Cell Assembly

The Bromate Issue

In many area's in the world the drinking water quality is generally excellent except that there can be an excess of of bromide.

This can be problematic when ozone is used in the bottling process. Ozone converts bromide ion to bromate and the MAV for bromate is 0.01mg/L in a raft of standards/regulations. Bromate formation is hard to predict accurately without pilot plant trialling but key factors in the formation of bromate include:

  • The level of bromide ion
  • The pH of the water. At higher pH (>8.0) bromide in water is catalysed by ozone to form hypobromite ion. With increased ozone addition hypobromite ion is converted to bromate so limiting the ozone addition is critical. In addition, water temperature, alkalinity and degree of agitation/length of contact all affect bromate formation.
  • Ideally the water would have a neutral/slightly acidic pH, certainly less than 8.0, low temperature, low alkalinity and minimal exposure to ozone to limit the conversion of bromide to bromate.

Introducing Silver Ionization

Bromate formation can be avoided altogether with the use of Silver Ionization Technology:

  • Silver ionization technology is recognized by the WHO, EU, EPA and FDA as effective and safe.
  • Silver ionization produces no bromates and provides an effective disinfection solution.
  • Silver ionization creates no taste changes to the water. Further it changes no smell, colour, physical or chemical properties of the water.
  • The ions remain in the water for a long period of time providing long-term disinfection.

The attached video demonstrates the ionizer system. It comprises of an automatic control unit and a silver electrode assembly.

A Recommended System

If silver ionization is to be used, our recommendation would be to present pre-treated, pathogen free water to the ionizer:

  • Primary cartridge filtration – one micron nominal then one micron absolute
  • Polishing filtration – 0.2 micron absolute
  • UV disinfection at 40mJ
  • Silver ionisation at 10 ppb Ag for bottling

Silver Ionization and Ozonation

The Silver Ionization system is used for primary disinfection in the bottling process and the Ozonation system is used for for bottle rinsing and CIP.

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