Electrolytic Ozone Sanitation Products

Unleash the power of water with chemical free sanitation!

With electrolytic ozone generation technology the ozone is generated directly in water with no feed gas requirements and minimal offgassing. The units are plumbed directly in-line with a water source and require no diffusers or injectors.

EOI’s proprietary Active Diamond Electrolytic Process Technology in the DODK creates ozonized water on demand. The flow-through ozone generator requires no ozone charging time, enabling many new applications where immediacy, compactness, and safety are important such as in dentists chairs, beverage dispencers, supermarket vegetable displays and ice making machines.

The compact east to install system attaches to the water line of your machine. It allerts you when it is time to replace the ozone cartridge. A small amount of ozone is generated using only water. It sanitizes everything leaving behind pure oxygen.

Features and Benefits:

Continuosly treats incoming water

Sanitizes water path from beginning to end

Kills bacteria and biofilm

Greatly reduces risk of foodborne illness

Uses no harsh chemicals

Leaves nothing behind but pure oxygen

Operator-replaceable twist-on cartridge

Highly visible indicator light alerts when replacement cartriodge is needed

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The EOI SB100 spray bottle is a new sanitizing spray bottle that replaces chemical sanitizers in restaurant and institutional settings with on-demand activated oxygen (also called ozone, O3) dissolved in water.
The EOI Sanitizing Spray Bottle (SB100-Industrial) is a handheld sprayer that turns common drinking water into a surface sanitizer more powerful than chlorine, but without chlorine's dangerous fumes or residue.

The environmentally-friendly, all-natural solution safely kills 99.9% or more of many common pathogens including e coli, salmonella, and MRSA, without harmful chemicals.

This product makes possible new uses that have previously been impractical for the proven 'green' sanitizing power of ozone.

EOI SB100, ozone in a bottle
EOI SB100, ozone in a bottle
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