Ozone in Water monitors

The amount of dissolved ozone (DO3) in water can be measured in ppm ozone with a chemical test kit (colour comparison) or with an electronic monitor.

With the test kit one takes a sample, adds a reagent and compares the colour of the sampe against a reference colour chart. The result is usually difficult to read and therefore not accurate.

The electronic types provide a direct digital reading, are very accurate but more expensive. We supply a wide range of electronic sensors (analog or digital) and monitor/controlers.

K-7203 kit

Range 0.1 - 3 ppm O3

$375.00 + GST

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SAM Photometer ozone tester
Range 0 - 5.00 ppm O3

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Hand held ozone tester
Range 0 - 10 ppm O3

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Wall mount ozone monitor
Range 0-2ppm or 0-20ppm

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A580 Flow Cell

For the DOZ5500

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CS6530 Probe

For the DOZ5500

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ORP in water monitors

Alternatively an ORP (or REDOX) monitor can provide an indication of the ozone concentration in water.

It measures the total level of oxidants in mV (milli Volts) in the water. With the aid of a conversion chart the ORP reading can be converted to the dissolved ozone level.
Disinfection of potable water is considered at 650 mV and above.


Hand held ORP tester

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Wall mount ORP monitor
Range -2000-2000 mV

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DCS2753 Probe

Suitable for Tee fitting

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Ozone in Air monitors

These instruments use ozone sensitive gas sensors and are typically used in area's where high concentration ozone generators are operating.

EZ-1X monitor

0.01 - 0.14 ppm O3

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0.1 - 1.5 ppm O3

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10ppb -1000ppb O3

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